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What is the purpose of TheClubUK?

There are 66million plus people in this country ( well legal ones) and probably 60 million plus are deeply unhappy with our currant Political System and believe we need a major change.

 I do not just mean change of Party, but the whole system needs a re design and re-write.

We are a Nationwide Community Club , and not a Political Party - Yet.

The purpose of  The ClubUK is to recruit as many members as possible from across all of the country to join us, submit your ideas, views, wishes, visions, possible solutions etc so that we as a Club can formulate how we want future Politics to be for this Country. This will be designed by the People and for the people. One of the crucial things which is fairly obvious for all will be to reinstate respect and appreciation of all. We as a country have to look after our Elderly, Infirm,Poor and less well off equally, and get rid of the system which is purely set up to enhance the wealthy at the cost of the poor. We will have a small video of introduction. 

We will have a members area for those who join us.

We will of course have a bit more information later to explain and possible answer any questions. Of course there will be contact information on the site and we welcome any contact. Hopefully there will be a Blog but possibly a forum inside the Members Area where everyone can give and discuss their views and opinions. 


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Become a member. We hope that you have enjoyed our introduction to TheClubUK and what we wish to achieve. You will probably agree that we are the only ones that are prepared to stand up and build a platform with which we can possible bring major change and reorganisation for our Country. No other Political Party, proposed Political Party or any other organisation are taking any steps at all to right all the wrongs. Please join us as we value your inputs, ideas and possibly help. As a member you will also have access to the forum, where you can contact each other or put your views forward, directly, where others can see them as well as respond to them. We hope you can help us rectify some of the many wrongs that our politicians are doing to the masses and hopefully we can reduce any fallout that may happen as a result of their intentions to follow the agenda for RESET and One World Order - which will be detrimental to many of us - the normal population.

Join us


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