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This is an initial brief description on the purpose and future aims of this site. You can read more details on the various pages which will be particularly useful to you. Please take your time and read but do not jump to any premature conclusions    until you see more. Thankyou in advance and for visiting this page – as you will see that all and everyone of you, will be especially important in contributing to future direction and changes in our Country.

YOU! are the People of the  UK and it is about time you were really recognised, as the force and power of this country, – not just someone who is always promised the world, abused by the wealthy and have no recognition in Politicians eyes -except to give them a vote on that day, only to be forgotten or ignored the day after.

Now this is not being set up for a fast track way to create and promote an immediate New Centrist Political Party. Although we probably need one! Of course, that is the intention in a few years but certainly not now.

Now is not the time to create a new Political Party. However, if you just be aware of  a couple of recent things  - which will surely get you thinking and agreeing that some of the sayings will remind you that the poorer people and less well off are under a new Tory dictatorial regime. Coffey – in charge of DWP has stated that it is not her job to worry about people starving in the UK, perhaps so but not the thing to say. The Govt wage review board have decided not to implement a Annual minimum wage review this years because we cannot afford the Pandemic. At the same time of course HMRC admit that £3.5 additional money has been paid out due to criminal activities of mistakes, they have not said they are going to reclaim, probably because most of the Companies who committed the fraud will be Tory Businesses. Of course, Matt Hancock stated that no one under 25 deserves the minimum wage.  In recent days we have seen 2 companies , both with connections to the Tory Party being given  £1.22million and £1.75 million contracts for PPE and neither business is set up or equipped for this role and of course there is no official tendering what so ever. Also the govt are paying Consultants £6000 a day rate for helping them with their failed systems and will not declare how many more -or indeed how many they are paying the equivalent of £1.5 million a year salary. Surely you can see that  this cannot go on and need to take the step to look after our children.

There are about 66million people and about 60 million are probably disillusioned and disenchanted, irrespective of which Political Party you are a member of, or swayed with ideas, ( we are not interested as that is your choice and decision)  with the current climate and the many ways which appear to be failing. Current Govt and Opposition are showing themselves up to be full of deceit, deliberate deception, blatant lies and even what many people construe as financial criminalities with some of their known actions ( who know what unknown – yet , other actions have or are planned to take place). A new bill recently passed apparently allows the complete stoppage or not required building of Affordable Housing due to a change in clause 106 after already making sure that no council houses can be built.


No! We need to create a Nation-Wide Community style Club that will be open to everyone to join. Wealthy or Poor, Any Colour, Any Creed, Any respectful Religion, Any Status( except serious criminals not wanted),Healthy or Infirm, Able will be a Peaceful, Independent Club that is Centre of the road and where everyone will be entitled to submit their ideas, wishes, dreams as to how we will change the very structure of this country in the future for the good of this Country, Ourselves, Our Children and the World.

Of course we cannot completely change the structure and main working environment of our Great Country – We already have numerous, successful working elements to our Country – but as we all see today and recently – the actual system and existence of Government needs radical change but a lot of debate and discussion on how to set a goal of change and how to achieve it.

So! to repeat – we wish all to join us, we have set a Membership cost at about 2p a day - (£7.50 a year) and invite everyone over 16 to join. We have no political affiliations which means that any one can join and even if they are already in a Political Party. This is to get everyone to input and create a major, wide but steadfast platform which eventually will be the Platform and Manifesto that a new party will stand on , win and then instigate changes to our system to benefit the country and people a whole.

 You can join us by purchasing a Membership on the page which will have some basic promotional items available if required. We will of course invite members to apply to help create a first Committee who will draw up all the correct paperwork, Constitution Accounts e.at will be required to make this a fully accountable and legal entity.

You will see that we are not led by some highly recognised name at this moment and it will be explained later as not yet having the need.  We are also aware that a New Perty , with a known Name will be launched in November which already have a large financial backer involved. We do not have any backer but of course would like some. That is why we do have a GoFundMe page and the link will be put on the iminent TheClubUk You Tube Channel which will be up shortly along with a FB Page.

Please now visit other pages to glean more information and learn where and how to contact us.