Aims And Ambitions

Why is your membership and role so important? 

I must say at the outset that anything I say or imply here is purely my thoughts and not necessarily what will be the outcome.

Indeed, initially we need to create a Committee of Members to ensure full accountability and organisation of a Structured Legal Entity that conforms to all legal requirement.

So, I will be posting email addresses on this site.

First, will be a General Contact email, where everyone will be entitled to say anything they feel. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and as such we invite opinions. However please do not stoop to profanities, as these emails will be read by ladies whilst they categorise them for reading and noting.

 If you do not like us – not a problem – just stay away. One of the great things about our country is that we are entitled to Free Speech (now) but do not abuse it and others.

We are going to be a very civil and orderly organised, disciplined, and structured Club.

We do not want or need any Anarchists, BLM, and do not require any Protest Movements of any kind. Many existing current topics can and will discussed later, after everyone’s inputs and suggestions have been submitted to us and channeled. Then we will then start National debates on all topics to reach a platform of ideas and proposals on direction to take in arriving at our strong national platform for our future.

This will allow us to put our efforts into our purpose, and eventually enjoy our results of our work – that of a better country for all.

Another email will be for anyone with any interest to put their name forward (details and brief CV style, along with reason why they should be considered to help form the initial committee.

I envisage that we will shortly move to having Regional Contacts and later Constituency Contacts. I would like to have traditional County Contacts, ready for the possibility that we adapt the system to be based on County Areas, which may be part of any eventual electoral reform. that may be decided by you, the people, later.

I live in South Wales and will of course be issuing a ClubUk mailing address as soon as possible. I lost my wife earlier this year and for family reasons do not want to put my home address down as the Club Address at this stage.



Most people are currently very disillusioned with today’s Politics, whichever side of the fence you sit. !6 yr. old's will be able to vote in certain areas of the Country, and of course, we do know and recognise that todays youth cannot all be condemned as useless and lazy, as nothing is further from the truth. That is the derogatory opinions of many of the insulting older and currently serving Ministers and Politicians. Many of our youth have educated, valuable and constructive ideas, of what they see and what they would wish to see. In fact, a number of them in the future will prove themselves to be excellent participants in the workings of our Country.

The Youth of course are all welcome whether you are Students, just left School, Working or Apprentices. We are far from being like the Matt Hancock who blatantly insulted the whole younger generation when he said that no one under the age of 25yrs. Is worth the minimum wage. How insulting! You can virtually be a Doctor, and other well-trained positions at that age.

Today I read that apparently the minimum wage review will not take place – or enacted this year because of the cost of the Pandemic and we cannot afford it. At the same time they announce £43billion has been wrongly paid out as Furlough money well get it back and jail the criminals I say. Of course, it will not happen as many of the companies fiddling the books are devote Tory Donors – I suspect). – not exactly a couple too many Credit Union payments of £100 is it! Then also today, Matt Hancock is now blaming youth for spreading the disease, when at the start they were adamant it did not affect the young – science said so!! So, we the people are being lined up to either pay more or go without. Reports, were also published that the Rich had got Richer by Leaps and Bounds during the Pandemic, and that Boris is facing issues from EU over his blacklisting of investigative journalists.

How much more is he frightened of coming out and how far will he go to protect his wealthy Inner Circle.

Surely you, the People, can see that we are going to get progressively , even rapidly, worse off if we do not change things when the next opportunity comes along.

Now we are not going to be led by some big  personality. At this stage there is no point because we, the people need create this new platform, on our terms and ideas for change  – we do not need one. Not until we have built our platform and manifesto that we need to form a Political Party and then we the people will select the people to take it forward for us. We will create a Committee , and of course invite people to apply for creating and setting up this admin centre. When we have a committee , every club member will be given a list of Names, locations and contact details.

There is a vast array of Exceptionally Qualified, Suitably talented and Skilled people in this country. After all there are about 66 million of us and not just the 100 so called self-centred elite top University and Public School, currently in the Political Parties who believe they are the only ones to run Politics in this country.. Our people have wide skills, professions, experiences that we will easily recruit a team of people that will be able to run this country.

There will be a difference, hopefully where we will have a representation of everyone, in running Politics.

We will have a Youth Section that is actively involved in Main Line Politics.

Later we will develop Regional or Area Sections that will be chaired and hold regular constructive audience participation  meetings and discussions on relevant topics where selected MPs ( When a Party is formed) will be present and involved – taking the ideas that are brought to the front – to the main Parliament to be enacted.

For far too long – Politicians of all parties – have treated the population of this country, unless of course they are from the wealthy side , with utter contempt, opinions that assume that we are all not worth the oxygen we breath and that in fact we are depriving them of many things.

I will not dwell on Brexit, Corona Virus in this presentation as basically it is or will be irrelevant history by the time we come to be creating a New Political Party in the future – date of which -unknown as yet.

But look at Brexit – not sorted or finalised yet and many of us put our trust in Boris to deliver. However, when we look at his path in Govt, since he took office and the actions and deception during the supposed pandemic – do not hold your breath as it is not over until the Fat Lady Sings as they say. We will see at the end of January 2021, when people will of analyzed what actually did happen – legally, on 31st December 2020.

Then look at the supposed Pandemic, and there seems to be a growing train of thought that it never was or should never have been classified as a Pandemic. Even now apparently WHO are investigating why, who and when did someone decide it was to be confirmed as a Pandemic. Perhaps Media rubbish and fake news – but with much of the fake news – there is never smoke without Fire and certain things may yet still burn.

So, perhaps you can now start to see where I am coming from. I will mention elsewhere why I was driven to finally take this course – after being treated the disgusting way I was by the local authority regarding my wife’s illness, who has died. Of course. I understand that by no means  am I on my own and of course Corvid has amplified the disgusting attitude to older people far more than was realised. Again, constantly hidden by certain Politicians with their organised blatant lies and deceptions.

Yes, we have come to know from various avenues, that (from somewhere) orders were given to move patients out of Hospitals and into Care Homes without tests. Recently it has come out that in fact there were up to 400 deaths per day in Care Homes. All the while of course the govt denied everything. Now it transpires that Care Homes were told to place ‘Do not resuscitate’ on the beds. Now the ugly side of this is, that if this the case – it would seem that many Doctors need to be struck off (shortage or not) as surely this cannot be in their Hypocritical Oath. Then who ever gave those orders should be jailed for life, at very minimum as it must amount to illegal Euthanasia and Genocide. Did not we hang those people after the war!!

 Sorry, I am starting to get carried away at the moment, so will change to say, that we will have a blog on these and other topics. But I sincerely hope that you will join me, make this a super club and become the strongest power Unit of the British People that will form a Platform to change politics for ever.

 I will have many ideas on that, as will you I am sure, and it will be amongst a bunch of topics. I remind you Please join us – only £7.50 and everyone over 16yrs. can join. Your children below 16yrs. Can also join – free, as of course even they have opinions and often better, more realistic opinions and thoughts than adults. In many way’s younger ones, still, luckily full of innocence, have better and more common-sense ideas – and they are all invited. They too are the people. It is their future and they will count. You can submit their ideas, for them, for their tomorrow.