Dreams – Well some points that are set in my heart that need to be top Priority.

When I say Top Priority – of course I do not mean nothing else happens. Of course, Govt must continue to run the country for the better of all. However, there are some which, I believe, are not only some of the largest problem issues in this country – but also recognised by many of the population as Key areas needing work, that have been basically ignored, except for the occasional brushed voice.

So here goes, some of my views are my views and not those of The Club UK, but which I feel proper, respectable Govts need to sort out.



Housing Dilemma.

Social injustice.

Drug Abuse and those who peddle them.

Expansion of controlling Criminally Organised Gangs.

In general, we need to much more resources, Money and efforts in to turning all the above, and more, elements around to enhance the quality of Life for All.


As we see there are many workers here from overseas. Some but few are taking our jobs because today you could go to many, many employment agencies and they have vacancies for all levels of skills in the employment sector. I met someone recently who had started in a factory where there were at that time 300 Polish and Romanian workers. Yes, and they all lived in Houses.

 Secret!! they were prepared to work and they, overpriced, paid Private Landlords for accommodation.

Yes, of course we have a lot of shirkers amongst the unemployed but apart from, normally the wealthy and very well off with a comfortable non-caring lifestyle, there are many, many, who are genuinely unemployed. Sometimes it needs a small push and persuasion, Sometimes, it is awkward and costly to get to and from suitable work due to poor and expensive transport. We all see the ridiculously high costs of travel for those commuting to work. However, in proportion a £5.00 daily travel cost – for what many only be 5 miles return -per day- is a large part of their £70-80 per week benefit.  The big heavy stick of severe sanctions by the government – whilst right to a degree – needs to be changed.

So, I propose a change to where everybody who is claiming benefits of some kind and Job Seekers or Unemployed in particular – should be required to attend a place of work for so many hours a week. Not picking up rubbish off the side of the road etc. but something that can be rewarding and give an element of self-satisfaction. Now of course 1st shout is why should we work. Many reasons which we will not go into here but for a start it takes them out of the spiral of downhill misery, depression etc. Now I propose that when some one works for the required hours – they should get an additional enhanced reward for their effort. But I think that this can than be used to help solve some an ever-growing Social Dilemma – especially for those involved- Debt!

 In many occasions this additional fund could be payable to help pay off the personal debt and alleviate those issues. Paid direct to the debt – the person will then not notice it, except beneficially, as they will not have to find that obligation from their normally below survival income. This may lift their moral and help the get full time employment when they become aware that they can do it and be better off.

Regarding this additional income – depending from where the person works and what work they do – the employer or supplier of that work benefit, should contribute to that cost. We may have to organise a transport system to and from the place of work like a school bus system.

 We would need to adapt. Modify a system to cater for it – but the cost saving and longer-term benefits – must pay.

Debt is probably one of the hidden, costliest issues of our time. Raising its head after it is too late when people, have no option than to use poor borrowing to make ends meet. Irrespective of what many people say, most unemployed people are not living the high life, and in fact if they are – it should be investigated as they are potentially up to no good and in fact making many other issues worse. We must spend, a lot of effort in this field and get a more controlled medium that will take out excessive interest, criminal interest loans from happening. We should have a National Loan bank and have deductions taken from their benefits or wages – stopped at source and paid to the creditor. Outlaw harder, any criminal loan activity - for a start.

Housing or the lack of it, is a major issue which Govts start to talk well but definitely do not mean well and it is only a make-believe policy to enact. We will reinstate Council Stock – albeit in conjunction with Housing associations. There will never, never be in any possible way the day that everyone can afford to buy their home - exists.

 Pointless exercise to try and reach it.  The people are not all Politicians, many of whom spend more on a shirt or meal than people get to completely survive for a week and cover everything. Never.

Do you recall the big idea that Councils can now borrow money to build new council houses? It leaked out later that they could only borrow using their Housing Bank Account – most Local Authorities do not even have such an account because after the Govt pressurised Councils to dispose of their housing stock – to raise funds etc – these accounts were closed. So, the Govt announced that they could still apply – after they had built 200 new houses. Where? does that money come from when Councils are imposing record Council Tax rises and still cannot deliver Meals on Wheels or similar services. Another political Gon. The councils in turn refuse House Builders permission to develop housing unless they restrict the number of affordable homes (note not Council Homes – just some that are classed as costing a bit less) because it may lower the image of that development. These are often Labour controlled Councils and they forget that most of their votes come from the less well-off, who will never afford to buy, but wrongfully and rather stupidly put them in office where they can continue to deliberately offer them less return for their Council Tax. This was the Labour Party assuming that their residents are the lowest of the low riff raff. What did they use to say – Labour is the working-Class Party – my backside!!

We would reverse this and ensure Council Housing is regenerated with big housing programmes for the benefit of the population. To day is must be basically criminal to accept that people should not have housing.


 Big builders can build good quality new homes, meeting todays design and quality requirements for a lot less cost and therefore build more. Why do the CEOs and Directors have to get paid £Multi Million salaries and bonuses on top? Must stop. They have land banks for next 20-30years and boast in meetings, that they will never use them as they will make more money sitting on them. This also will stop, as the excuse of nowhere to build will be met with the compulsory purchase of their Lands and it will be built on. We will also immediately freeze all sales of Crown and Govt property, National and Local as well as any Land assets. There will be a national assessment of what exists and what can be built on new, adapted and modified on to build Homes, Residential Care homes, Warden Supervised Flat complexes to release larger houses for use. Adaption of ex-Military, NHS, Schools, Commercial and Derelict Buildings for various requirements. These properties normally all have existing basic service facilities available,

We need accommodation for homeless, Ex-military personnel. People with medical issues and those who need sincere help in living in and adapting to society.

We as a nation – due to our Govt (all) policies or lack of policies have become a shameful group of people.

 One thing that is always spoken of is the issues of NHS bed blocking. Why?  Well many people have no where to go, for various circumstances and we should build new or adapt existing property to create homes where people can go as an intermediate place to release beds to then enable NHS to become more fully functional and cater for more demands. These care homes or centres do not need to be equipped as hospitals but with relevant staff of right qualifications and access to requirements, to enable these properties to act as staging properties.

 There are many health issues today that are really lacking in the amount and speed that we respond- especially in Mental Health issues these will be brought to the fore.

Our ex service personnel are subject to many trials and tribulations after their service. They need to be cared and catered for long term and not left on the side after a few weeks. It is concerning to see how many of out Ex Service commit suicide and indeed the total numbers of similar persons. Depression and self-harm is just a side statistic in A&E to the govt but not truly looked at hard enough due to constant budget restrictions. People like the NHS must be supported but they need to look after their budgets more efficiently first – then they will see exactly how much extra they need – but there is still too much waste. And besides why does it take overpaid ‘Sirs’ to run an Authority? She may not be doing a very good job – but the PM gets about a 1/3rd of the salary than an NHS Regional Health Authority boss. Wrong!!


This of course is just touching on subjects which will, need investment and planned organisation to put in place to help the whole circle of the very existence of people.


It is a vicious circle, often downhill that the govt is overseeing.  Criminals, Drugs, Knife Crime, Sexual abuse, Assault, Domestic violence, and a very big range of major issues are rapidly declining. The govts answer is a bit of knee jerk reaction, some words and a lot of do gooders, explaining that we should not punish crime very hard as it does not help the perpetrator. Sod that.

Commit the Crime and do the time.

 I would wish, my view of course but bet 000’s will agree with me, that we will increase punishment and indeed give longer prison sentences as they are the appropriate punishment. There are probably £millions of unpaid fines which have been issued in lieu of Prison Sentences – most, never to be collected as it is cheaper to write them off rather than impose more fines. So, the perpetrator laughs and carry’s on with their crimes- hardening to them all the while. Many crimes are increasing because the perpetrators are laughing at us and being utterly soft and our current actions are enabling organised elements to even have no go areas. No way this is the United Kingdom and One country with one Law only. Ban Sharia law etc as when in this country obey one Law for all.  Yes, respect all religions, if they comply to our LAW in this country- Full Stop.

Of course, this will against the govt wishes, who much prefer to give money to overseas aid, we must continue to help meet Humanitarian requirement of course, and other ideas that just help them fit in world society and their inner circles.

 We will restart investment and expansion of all these vital services. We, will build more prisons, recruit more staff and give the staff more and better protection to maintain safe prisons. There will have to be changes to the regime of Prison, yes of course humanitarian but more controlled, application of severe restrictions and penalties to those who abuse the system, Prison Officers and Inmates. No more cushy life. Prisoners will be given the option to train, learn and carry out constructive occupations – or the alternative harder regime. Their choice -easy or hard – In or out etc. But we will support the discussions and set up of a new system.

We really need to enhance the Police Manpower, Equipment and greater support. It gets a bit sick when you get Chief Constables stating that his officers will no longer question, or challenge people suspected of minor drug offences etc. -easier to invest in more mobile speed cameras and plug them into a computer to issue fines. That type of officer must go as they are not up the challenges to make changes for the better. Can I ask – when was the last time you saw a Traffic Police car on any road- unless it was a plain one with flashing bumper lights. They will be back and bring back better and safer driving on the roads.

 Talking of roads, we will spend and repair potholes. But done correctly, not man with a van and throwing a shovel of tarmac in the hole, only to wash out at the next rain storm and we repeat the same exercise. Things need to be organised, done right and done once. Yes, this will take assets but to save money – we will have to do it. Local Authorities, whilst I believe they need a major re design and more accountability- they need greater workforce with greater agendas.

The USA has a National Corps of Engineers for many of their required works.

 I would like to see possibly such a scheme or organisation for the whole country. They would have a national workforce with all trades, run proper full-time apprenticeships (not 6-week wonders). We could build infrastructure projects of all types, employ many people and skills. Operate a system at small margin above breakeven; as if it breaks even plus then it does not have to make stupidly high profit, as for a start there would be proper salaries and not £millions to individuals. So, this system could save £billions by cutting out the current rip off profits that big business work by and of course we could undertake more infrastructure works. Why not have a National House Building organisation – if big house builders will not play ball?

All services – Fire, Coast Guard, and many others will be expanded. NHS and Military along with Govt departments will all also have to have expansion, but they of course will be part of those department reviews, but our service and personnel will be looked after. We will make this country great again and with the right team – we will organise and run Budgets that will cover and satisfy the requirements.=  Britain will boom and we will create, builds and provide to match more than required, Our youth, are the future and so them and education will be a key element but of course all these elements are part or cogs in a wheel which we build and oil tom run well.

They above are just a mix of ideas that will warrant accurate and planned setting up of achievable intentions. All these things will be discussed by the members of the Party and we again invite you all, the more the better as we will get more ideas, suggestions and consensus of opinions, with which to progress.