Food For Thought

Food for thought!

Please read this first before you read other pages. I have just written this , in the early hours of the morning after lying in bed, having a thought and thinking about it and possible ramifications of it, as you do when you are late 60’s.

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So please read it through, seriously and after you finish – take a while to think over what you have just read. Of course, I would be pleased to hear your view, no profanities please as the replies will probably be read by some ladies. Luckily, most of us still have the mature decency to respect that there are Men and Women in the world – although it is enough to make many despairs these days.

Right imagine along with me this possible scenario as you look around you at the world, people, and directions in which we are or may be being steered or guided. It is probably happening around the world but we – being in the UK will cast our thoughts to possible comparisons to what is happening in British Politics and the severe possibilities these directions may have to us, our children and certainly our Grand Children and Great Grandchildren. But before you deem me as a crackpot, fool or even nutty Professor ( of which I am not) please give it some thought at the end and see if you have changed your mind compared to your first thoughts.



This coronavirus thing or possibly Influenza 19.

There are many beliefs about the true origins of it and I am not here to discuss or dwell on it except to point out a few things. Many say it was a Germ warfare experiment that went wrong and escaped. It was released early to test the strength and failed to achieve what was the potential devastation. Perhaps, therefore in a few years there may be a Coronavirus 24 or 25 – who knows. However, the one thing we all know is that unfortunately it has caused the deaths of 000’s of people – all around the world.

Now we all know that our population of the world is multiplying in most countries by unsustainably large numbers and that the world- linked to global worming will not sustain life as we know it in a certain number of years. Science advances amazingly fast but not fast enough to ship out a few million people to another planet. So, the obvious to anybody, ugly or not, who has a mind is that we cannot go on forever like we are.

Now most of know that the UK has at the moment about 66 million people and is now overpopulated with regards to our resources including food production.

It is safe, believe it or not, that in Politicians minds - we could easily and safely reduce our population by at least half. Now initially this may well seem stupid and certainly preposterous – but I will continue. Bear in mind that all the while the rich are getting richer – faster than ever before whilst the poor are rapidly losing what little status they have or had.


We also are aware that a certain Chap called Cummings is acting as an Advisor to Boris Johnson who is besotted with him and believes the sun shines out of his ---! And so, to which Cummings can do no wrong and indeed seems to have the power to do as and when he pleases.

Now to be fair Cummings is a highly intelligent, if not eccentric fellow. I know him not!

He really has a fantastic and futuristic vision of a direction in which he sees not o0nly him going but also the world – taking UK with it. He has of course read and watched much Sci-Fi and is , probably correctly very forward in his beliefs and of those directions we should proceed, at all and any cost – no matter how, where or when and if any body falls by the wayside or gets in his way during his rush – ah well – farewell!!.

He will take no prisoners or tolerate fools who stand in the way of his dream. That is a very futuristic, scientific, technological way ahead at a very fast pace with the aim to getting this country, using his beliefs, to becoming a world leader of the future.

We have seen before, over the years the complete decimation of our workforce that modernisation, computer technology and Robotics have done to the workforce of this country.

Now with the dreams that Cummings and certain colleagues currently have it is inevitable that millions of jobs are going to disappear and that in principle multiply the unemployment figures to such an awful unforgiveable scale – even for a Hardened Tory.

So’ what may be the best way around it/ For a start to reduce the unemployment levels it could help if you did not have such a big pot of people to be unemployed and if ways were accidently found to reduce the populations to a level just above that required to cope with the grossly reduced number of workers and provide enough regeneration to maintain labour supply – bobs your uncle. Of course, the subject of reproduction of the perfect human being has been on the minds of scientists for years and end dates may unfortunately also be nearer than we think.

Now if we reduce the masses, do not trust the Govt or future govt on Euthanasia for example. The thoughts are already on the minds of some politicians – even heard last week. A certain Tory MP, name I cannot remember but was the one tied up with the Downing Street Gate scandal where he called the Policemen plebs because they would not open the gates for him to ride his bike out instead of walking via side gate, as everybody else, was interviewed, I saw it on TV, in which he said that he was certain he would get a motion tan]bled through Govt this term which would allow Euthanasia, with correct safeguards of course. Now we all know what those few words mean as there is no such thing as safeguards in the Tories eyes except their Wealth.

 It may that no longer that when reaching 100yrs of age you get a telegram from the Monarchy but instead at age of 55yrs ( give or take 5 years to suit numbers) you may get a Govt letter instructing you to attend the local euthanasia clinic and thanking you for your services to the country in the meantime.

We will not need 000.s of workers in many industries such as food. There may not be shops and supermarkets, fleets of transport ferrying produce around but many exceptionally large foods processing factories that receive products, chemicals etc and process them all into vitamin rich powder. This in turn can be mixed with liquid at source along with a flavour additive of choice on demand ( same product) which is then fed to the right person ( controlled by finger print or iris recognition , from a work food station of home feeding station. Also all schools, Factories, Work Stations, Fuel Stations would have the ability to claim their 3 meals , controlled amounts via these food stations/machines anywhere in the country and all you would do is enter your details, be verified and put the feed tube in your mouth with your choice and the liquid would be dispensed. No cookers, food, food handling, washing up etc and all, these food stations would have their storage tanks of grog powder topped up at regular intervals, of course computer monitoring would monitor where resupplies were needed. No fridges, Freezers, plastic bags etc etc. All deliveries and servicing of food stations would be driverless vehicles which had designed couplings to enable quick easy and clean deliveries but also no workforce. It would take a long time to feed the human body with injections, just by the very nature of how we work, body must have a stomach etc. And that stomach must have contents.

Now this is not to scaremonger you in any way whatsoever but just to help you think of possible scenarios. The next virus may well be the one that achieves such a drastic loss of life yet plays into the hands of greedy self-centred politicians who see themselves as being in a command centre of a few people and much scientific automation. Eventually crops will not be needed as food will be created. Just think how have astronauts managed for years. No crates of beans of bags of potatoes etc. Look how they have developed Military Ration Packs and survival – no more tins. All lightweight, condensed, and compact. Things to come – really!

Please give this some thought and set you mind thinking hard. Do you really want to see your grandchildren like this in the future – even if they are one of the chosen few. May take a few releases of various viruses to reduce the world population as science advances and changes things – but I would like us all to take steps to try and prevent this happening.

Ye of course we can all see or realise that the world will change due to advancements – but we must not let it accelerate by greed and politicians’ personal feelings of power above all. You can join us to help make it better. It will take time and we must start as a people, to build a truly knowledgeable platform on which we can stand and defend our very human rights to the end. I see tonight, as I write this, a headline comes up that Boris Johnson is planning to remove the Human Rights Bill. Yet another small but definite – current (and there are loads) way to diminish the very being of us who are normal people. I will start a Blog for members and on there it will have regular updates on topics, peoples submissions on topics etc and even you – yes you – even if you are a 16 yr. old student/paper boy – YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Join us, make your voice and opinion count. Yes even you younger ones will have family one day and it is their very future you are going to defend by joining us, Who knows you could be our leader or even MP in the near future. We want and need everyone as we will be the Party of the People, By the People and by the People. Stay safe everyone. Appreciate what we have and have not got and decide if you can help us improve our future by putting a stop to today’s Politicians continued moves to control us, Take away our rights and Freedoms – all in their name of making themselves rich by making us Pay. No More.