I would like to seek any ideas and thoughts, to help me form a future for all of us.

I  am not discussing Brexit at all , but  what we can do to face the future!

In a few weeks or months there will be actions finally taken that will affect all 100% of - whichever way you voted in the Referendum. No one knows what the actions will be – even those planning the decisions - as they have had no clear ( well admitted) direction for past 2 ½ years.

Whilst all the debating has been going on with everything being hyped up to be the only talking point – one would possibly be frightened what has happened whilst normal Govt has kept turning and we will be surprised when people realise what things have been quietly put in place to affect the population of this country, much of which will be detrimental to most of us in the future.

 Continued cuts, reductions in services, poor revisions to already suffering Govt Departments and Local Authorities who are running on or just above Survival Mode with things already in place to reduce these services even further.

All existing Political Parties have shown themselves over the past 2 ½ years as being completely inept and incapable of truly running this country honestly or with any integrity what so ever. Both Main Parties are just hew bent on furthering any benefits for their wealthy Inner Circles and Friends in Big Business.

Things have to change, and we need a New Party for the People, By the People and with the people.  I ask you, please tell your friends and spread this to go viral – hopefully (because we need as many as possible of the British People to be part of this for it to work. 

Hope fully you can read something which may be interesting.  I wait for your opinions and hopefully agreement that things must change for the better of us and our children.

The days of being ruled and insulted by the elite have gone.

When you look at how many MP’s of all parties, blatantly said outright, that they would go against their electorate, because they knew best and imply that their electorate were not intelligent enough to make decisions – that is stooping lower than the low and there is no greater insult to a voter. Perhaps they should ask the question that if they believed the electorate are not intelligent enough – then was that possibly due to the ever-decreasing funding of education in this country.