Latest Update.

Hello all and firstly may I thank all of those who have taken the plunge and joined us.

Yes, this the start of something New. 

Many people say that a new party never succeeds - well this time we, as a ClubUK , will take our time and build such a foundation that will inevitably ensure that we will succeed as a NEW Party when  the time is right. We will exist and operate as a Club until everything is in place and ready to convert to a full Political Party and a name will be chosen by  Members.

Yes, there have few so called new party's created over past years that actually did succeed. but we will as this party will be one of Compassion and Honesty for the people - for a pleasant change. You the people will be part of this club and help create it into a National  Membership that will exceed both the Conservative, Labour and UKIP combined and there we will be for the people- yes all people irrespective of wealth or so called class. I suppose one can look back at the SDP as being about the only one that actually did establish itself for a time - and this was with renegade sitting MP's at the time. UKIP is really trying again and at this time is probably the one to cause the greatest risk to finishing off the Tories and Labour, both of which deserve it. Politics have changed over the years and all to the absolute detriment of the British People , and they deserve real change. Not just false promises to get votes , which as history shows - are mostly dropped or radically changed to lesser meaning - within days of a Party gaining Office. It is about time that we really restructured  the system to involve all the people, redirect a vast improvement and provision of services for the British Public. 

I will - on a regular basis , possibly start a blog , on ideas that we may wish to pursue, which the major parties deliberately avoid. Just for example They want to pay EU £39billion, We give away about £18billion in Foreign Aid, We waste billions on pie in the sky ideas which get cancelled , but only after the Govts spend £millions of sponsoring Business owned or linked to them in someway , completing numerous repeat feasibility studies of these projects. Often they are done and manipulated deliberately to prove an project unviable - which was their original intention anyway. Deception it is called.

We must bring back the virtues of stable family life and all it entails. This country is nothing , and never will be without its people. The people which mainstream Political Party's treat with ever worsening complete disrespect. Things will change and with your help - we will change it.

Now as I mentioned . there is no intention to form a super duper , bullshitting party in next few weeks as others envisage. No we as a people , will once again havce a Party for the People, Built by the People and run by the people.

I am not a wealthy elitist who has a dozen silver spoons. No the opposite . I was lucky and had a Grammar School Education. Unfortunately, wrong word, when I think about it as not relevant, I lost my Mother just prior to taking my O Levels and as the oldest of 4 ( youngest only 3yrs) I did not and really could not continue to A Levels. I stayed at home and helped Father bring us up. Worked with him and various other jobs, but experienced a fantastic family life and learned many, many, good aspects of family life which became , as now very important values to me.

 All I ask is for as many people as possible to join us, help build the biggest Club in the UK , remember how big things like The Working Men's Club, Royal British Legion and others were. Yes, they were for the People. Remember Aneurin Bevan and what he achieved , and yes was basically a normal average person who conscientiously set a goal to improve the wellbeing for all the people in UK, and achieved it - against all odds. It has proven to be one of the most important structures and Organisations in British History - that was designed purely to look after the British People - who actually the wealth of the Nation - without which the Nation would and will fail.

Well I need to try and do similar for the People of the British Isles- yes all of them. Our people are living in squalor, deprivation, poor health ( due to substandard housing) poor housing , lack of housing, Forced to live in Poverty, Adults go without food so the children can eat, and on and on. The wealthy Politicians sneer  ( well they should not had kids and do not recognise that at the moment those so called kids are the future workers of this country and the ones the wealthy hope will keep them in the lifestyle they abuse. They can spend a few hundred £'s on a mid day lunch when a family has less than that to live on - including every cost.  many of the so called elite, paid stupidly high salaries off out backs, laugh about the wanton waste and abuse of privileges. Things must and will change - if we organise it.

I need people to assist with media and marketing , along with whatever you can offer to help spread the word and create a great recruiting campaign. We have Associate levels of membership but all full memberships will be entitled to contribute and take part in the organisation and expansion of the ClubUK.

I will put a new email contact up very soon as there appears a problem with the Google one- related to google. To those Members , Membership Cards and will be forwarded as soon as they arrive. Again many thanks to all and keep checking back for the Latest. Vivian.

Look out for the new email, send me your ideas, questions and honestly I will reply. Again our apologies re the so called contact email which will be removed.