List Of Topic's

Now around the whole country you will all become aware of things happening in your locality as well as Nationally. Now the following list is obviously a very incomplete list.

 I personally believe that future govt must create a scenario where whistle blowers are protected. Cannot be dismissed and if any person take reprimanded or punitive action against a whistle blower they the whistle blower will be compensated and the person giving rise to the actions will be removed from his position and possibly from their employment. We will come to some form of idea between us. In the last week I am aware of 2 nurses who have lost their positions because of this. Wrong – totally wrong as this is how we discover so much wrongdoing in many ways, Fraud, Criminal, Corruption etc.

In many of the following we are aware of ridiculous austerity cuts which result in reduction in Manpower, Equipment’s. Bases, Availability, Various services. Have you tried to find a Public Convenience lately? Have the British Public not got any simple human rights anymore.  This not Syria or the Sahara Desert. It may, on occasion be ok for a man to access a tree, but what about women, children elderly, infirm. Absolutely ridiculous.

 Before I list, I must make a point that there are so many issues with all govt departments including the actual Govt Structure. The Civil Service structure and Organisation, procurement etc that a major review and new system of operations will need to be set up. In my day, bluntly, we had to take the pencil stub or dried up biro to the stationary secretary to get a replacement. Seems petty today, but it sure as hell worked as over the country and in most companies it must have saved a fortune which was all profits and survival. If you took a stamp or an envelope without permission it was a legal sackable offence as it was theft!

The other major system which really needs a major shakeup is Local Authorities. This, across the country is one of the (grouped together) most wasteful, creative accounting organisations in the country and will add up to £ millions if not Billions. Got to be reviewed.

So, we have the usual, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coast Guard, Elements of Armed Forces, Housing. Keep Military Bases open or if closed - not sold off – normally with an element of corruption. The assets will need to be involved in a review of use and potential use of all Govt assets- no more sales. Railways, Roads, Aviation and Airports.  Judiciary. Mod Contractors as with all Govt maintenance issues and procurement. Agriculture and Industrial sector organisations. Ship building. Fishing. All govt agencies. Telecommunications. Space. Environmental Issues. Immigration. Freedom of speech (m must be maintained. BBC. Media. TV Stations and Radio Stations.  Construction Ports and Borders. Devolution (if it remains, we must revisit the Barnet Formulae.)

 I will start putting some of my views on a Blog and cater for individual elements. This way there will not be reams and reams of text over pages. One will be able to select a topic.  Of course, the main idea of this is to seek your help in giving your ideas and suggestions so that we can formulate an extraordinarily strong, nationally agreed platform that we will later create a New Political Party. Yes, we will need a leader and a team to stand, but this will follow. It is not needed at this time. Just because the 2 main Parties have been here for years, have basically had personalities who were selected by their party and became so called, trusted by the people – often mistakenly. Look back and what have the well-known names achieved – absolutely nothing for the people who were not classed as Wealthy – even the Labour Party. No times need to change, with your help and we need vital time to get organised and achieve Strength in Numbers.

At the same time, we need the right calibre of people to form a new full team to create, organise and take this ClubUk forward to become a major Nation-wide Community Club for all. Eventually we may even have an actual Social Club in each county, which will be open to the Members and their Families for Social Events, Meetings and a base for when we have County/Constituency operations.