Manifesto. As mentioned in the introduction this is not an organised and fully operational Manifesto.  This will be done as everything else by the people who join us and take up some of the various required roles. As time goes on and we get more consensus, we can modify to have a Manifesto built around the peoples wishes to build a forward-looking country fit for the future of this Great Britain.

 Below is a list of typical elements which, as a Democratic Party involving the people of the country, we will obviously be targeting to get a general improvement and enhancement in these areas. Now of course they are not in any specific order as everyone will basically be of equal importance. They will also change, grow in requirements as we get a grip of the new role of Government. We will of course – as soon as possible, again I reiterate that things will be involving the whole public and their contributions which will be taken into consideration regarding all the following. We will list and issue a further breakdown of numerous components of each element as time goes on.

We will of course work to ensure that the British Constitution and very Democratic form of this country is strengthened and enhanced.

We have a Monarchy in this country which helps create a Sovereign Country and the very integrity of this will be maintained.

 We have key areas of Govt that provides vital services to the whole population of the country and emphasis will be on Improvements, Value for money, Expansion of services- including personnel and technologies, where applicable will be chased with vigour which will contribute to the overall Security, Health and wellbeing of our population. This will include Education, Law and Order, NHS and all the incumbent parts of it.  Transport, Energy, Social Security and all the provisions within it with the aim of making it a fairer system for those involved.

Local Government is a National and crucial part of the structure and operation of the country but it is obvious that there needs to be some major changes in the responsibilities, Financial Support and accountability. A programme looking into this will be committed due to it being a very major element of the Country Structure and involving every person in the country.

A major cause of concern, which does involve Local Authorities, and drastically relates to a decent standard of family life and issues – is Housing. I believe we will need to go back to a Council housing stock, yes may be involving Housing Associations. For too long this has been supposedly highlighted as being crucial but behind the scenes there has been deliberate actions put in place to prevent targets being achieved. Yes, by Local Authorities and Housing Companies who prefer to sit on enormous Land Banks, which they say they will sit on for 20-30 years and prevent release or building. We will reverse this even if we have to compulsory purchase land to provide housing of various levels. Everyone can see that good quality housing g can be provided a lot cheaper but it is controlled by Big Business Greed and stupidly high bonuses and salaries. We will change this. Everyone in our country deserves a roof over their head.

On top of this we would enforce an immediate freeze on the Disposal of any Crown Properties, Closure of Military Bases and Local Authority assets while a major review of stock is taken with a view of redevelopment of some assets to provide homes, Care homes, Middle stage after Hospital care accommodation etc.

A major industry in the UK are Agriculture and Fishing, both of which need a lot of work to face future challenges.

 We rely on being one of the leading countries across all facets of Industry, Research, manufacturing and Technical expertise. This will continue and the govt will not shirk its duties in ensuring support to continue to drive these elements forward at the same time staying at the top of the league in these fields.

Of course, as all govts we must have good fiscal setting for a robust move forward and so the Taxation and Financial elements of the country will be constantly adapted to achieve the best and fairest deal for all.

 To this end regarding Financial and Industrial well being of the country – the govt will extend great efforts to help spread our influences and successful involvements with other countries of the world.

 For obvious reasons – being an Island and dependant on World Trade, World Business, World research and development in various fields- we come across the subject of Immigration. The govt will work to achieve a system that is beneficial to all and workable. Of course, related to this, to a degree is the aspect of Humanities and we will shoulder our responsibility in this area.

As we have always been, we are a major world player with our Allies in the area of Defence, We need to and guarantee that we will re expand our exceptionally skilled and value for money – Armed Forces across all arms. Continued modernisation and advances all round as well as manpower will be targeted. We will also revise and adapt the better treatment of our Service Personnel during and after service. They will not be left on the scrap pile and neither will they be liable for any ongoing or up and coming court actions regarding their past services. When in Service our personnel are caring out orders and as such, they will not be held responsible for actions later. The Military has its own legal system to cover any wrong doing whilst in service, they sign their oath of allegiance to the Monarch, prepared to die for country. Are sent into conflict by politicians who remain 000’s of miles away until it is over, who then take part on so called moral boosting visits, to say well done and use as a propaganda exercise. These visits are laughed at and treated as expensive bullshit exercises. Silly things like this lower moral and not boost it.

 We will of course maintain our support of NATO and as always step up to the plate in our obligations. We will remain a truly autonomous Military Force acting with allies where essential but not be part of any proposed European Army. We need to maintain our nuclear options.

We are a free country and will fight to defend this. We will continually fight to keep our Civil rights across a wide field if British Citizenship. We will stop the continued growth of Sharia Law, Female mutilations, Flat breasting etc – all actions which are deplorable and will not acceptable in our Western Democracy. We will recognise that every Religion has its place as long as it is studied and used in the original way it came about and used for centuries. We will not accept the manipulation of religion such as Islam where it is used to indoctrinate the minds of those who practice these religions for wrongful aims. Those who preach religions in the wrong and abusive ways will be dealt with severely as it will be outlawed.

 Of course organisations such as Police, Nurses, Doctors, Fire Services, Customs and Excise, Prison Services, Coast Guard and many other, what most people would recognise as every day essential services- will be listed in more detail shortly and come under their relevant section, but basically they will be enhanced as well.

 The above, as noted earlier is only a very brief notice of intention to work on and spend great efforts in improving all these elements. Bette more balanced and informative writings will be forthcoming by writer as we continue to expand with your support. Who knows you may even be a person who feels they could assist in developing a better argument and guide in these fields?

If so, please contact us and express your interest. We will surely contact you to discuss further.