My list of Wants.

It has been suggested that I make a condensed list of what would be my personal wishes to improve in this country – by a new party.  So here goes and hopefully you will agree, or disagree, of course that this is a good basis to start with.

Housing for all.

 Bring back Council Housing, even of it is connected in some way with Housing Associations.

Freeze all Sales of Crown and Govt Property and Estates.

Freeze sales of Local Authority Estates and Property.

If Main House building Companies will not start building quality houses at affordable prices – then compulsory purchase their land banks ant the state will build on them. Ridiculous where some of these CEO’s and Directors are Paid £millions in Salaries and packages every year. Drop the prices or drop out. Share holders of course need a dividend but not to the detriment of all.

Freeze sales and disposal of NHS, Education, Police, Fire etc property and estates.

All the above will be assessed for possible Refurbishment, Adaptions, New build etc.

Same goes for City/Town large property which may be suitable for re-designated use and development.

I believe we should develop a system similar to American Corps of Engineers which are a Military/Civilian Reserve style Nation Organisation. This organisation could undertake the designs and complete development of Nation-wide projects for the country

They would work on a basis of cost-plus set % profit margin.

This could save an absolute fortune – into £billions, on the costs of everything being Privately Funded and Built. As we have seen there was a rapid expansion to funded builds and typical to govts (all parties) they signed stupid contracts – for eternity, where after build the builder could carry out maintenance, modifications and for stupid- criminal costs – nothing could be done about it. Cannot blame big business for stupid Governments.  Foot note – Govt do not change – would like £14million for non-existent ferries. Govt says money will not be handed over if it does not go ahead but they have contracted dredgers so that will ensure money has to be paid – no question)

 This National Organisation, regionalised, would then supply much of the labour which would be employed – properly and have a proper apprenticed trades skills part of it. No, 6 weeks, courses, which would bring back needed skills, which previous Govts have diminished believing everything would be on computers. That is one of the reasons they scrapped house building, except in talk, because they knew they had reduced the appropriate skills to match requirements.

Every job would have respectable matching wages. This would then give greater and fuller employment and if people did not want to work = then no dole.

 I believe that Unemployment, Jobseekers, Disability, and any benefits will have to have a degree of entitlement to them.

 Now before you shout – there various degrees of disability, Sickness and fitness to suit different roles.

But everyone should be given the right to experience work and as a requirement – those able to – will be required to work so many hours a week to get their entitlements.

Obviously Square Pegs – round holes etc so that will have to be sorted. Now for those who undertake, no slave labour or slackers will be tolerated, they must get a just reward and they will get an increased benefit.

 In many cases this enhanced income can be paid directly to any creditors that the individual has accrued – which may help to get rid of one of the greatest scourges in this country – Un Manageable Debt.

 Speaking of this, I would change back to any housing/rent benefits, will be paid directly to the Landlords of the property. This was one of the stupidest things govt brought out, which put many people into more debt. It could be construed that if a poor family with little income – it is probably being responsible parents to feed the kids before paying the rent - but of course this makes things -worse.

We speak a lot of needing overseas workers – well there is and will be numbers of people in those areas requiring workers – seasonal or not – that can be made to work some hours towards their benefits. The employers using that labour would pay an agree sum towards their enhanced benefits. Many workers may then choose to take up full time work or training. Those not having the mettle to do a respectable day’s work could be rejected by the employer and they would in turn loose their benefit allowances etc.

 We have the people, jobs and just need someone with the bottle to step up and organise it.

As with agricultural workers and even large factories – they would arrange a transport system for workers. Was done before and can be done again!

Using this and National Construction and Training can vastly reduce the unemployment statistics.

Further to this the additional demands of Housing and Construction materials will require more manufacturing facilities and distribution networks. People would require working wear and equipment. People would have to take lunches etc. so more food required etc.

This not funny as too many in the doldrums of unemployment and no money often sit here fringing weak tea all day and little food.

Homelessness is a modern-day scourge – yes all too often some refuse help, but this surely cannot be acceptable. Each person should be medically examined and assessed to ensure that the maximum effort is made to encourage them to use a hostel or suitable normal living. If the person has some form of mental issues – now ids the time to nip it in the bud – but we must put money into all these and similar medical requirements, ensuring that all means are in place to cater for it.

We have the issue of ageing in this country – great really and we must respect that those older people have spent their lives contributing to what this country has today, albeit the successive govts have take so much away, and they are entitled to be looked after and cared for with their dignity intact.

Back to the national Building and country assets/properties. Without looking it can be guessed that there will be many opportunities to reuse and refurbish properties to provide suitable Care Homes, Hostels, Warden Flats, for all. Even 2nd stage Health Centres where patients can go to be looked after whilst in recovery or rehabilitation after leaving hospital and prior to returning home or moving into a care or residential centre.  This will be a major benefit to hospital as it will stop bed blocking and there will a different skilled staff at these hospitals which will not require full   hospital amenities.

 We can, must and will organise these things. Along these lines - no ex service personnel will leave the Services without a home to move into. We will reinforce the Military Covenant.

We will stop the priority of housing immigrants of people from overseas. Yes. we will be enhancing availability of Council or affordable housing = but as today British Citizens can be on waiting lists for years and yet Local Authority Councils, as they have do gooders and often no moral respect for Council Tax Payers, have often been know to block numbers of house release to keep for immigrants. You can literally go around council estates and see boarded up houses. E

When asked why – they are being saved for immigrants, often by indirect govt orders/ No way!! If you are British = you are British. Normally you pay your dues and your parents/grandparents paid their dues for years.

Local Authorities. Yes of course they carry out much essential work – well! who else would reduce services every year yet increase the Council Leaders budget!!

Joking aside – well not joking really – it happens – they need a complete restructure and modernisation. They are of course very top heavy in relation to senior management, compared to the workers. We need to increase the workforce, better organised, but bring back or expand some elements of things that have always existed. However, throughout the country things like most of those on the 2nd highest salary tier need not be there and if so on a lower pay tier. Many on that tier are just there waiting for those on Tier One to pop their clogs, or retire on a very well, organised package. Then the milling begins to find who will get the top spot while the rest wait a bit longer.

 More roles could possibly be done by Local Authority but of course a complete and relevant budget revue for these things must be carried out and put in place.

 A key thing also = because Local Authorities as they say Local- they should be made to have apprenticed schemes and in conjunction with Housing Associations. Special funding of course.

 General National Services which we need and are taken for granted. Sorry if I omit some, but you can assure they are /will be included. Police, Prisons, Fire, Ambulance, Probation. Various Organisations Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture, etc, etc, need to be reassessed and re expanded = greatly.

 Gone will be the idea that there will be no need of prison renewal or expansion and continued reduction of Prison Officers because we no longer issue prison sentences. That will change because we will build more prisons and recruit heavily Prison Officers. Wardens and Prison Officers will be more stringent guidelines to ensure that proper control and safety exists in all prison establishments. There will be greater – in fact excessive moves to restrict illegal contraband substances coming into prisons which cause danger and risk to both Prison Officers and Inmates. We must make the prisons bearable for inmates but enjoyable working environment for staff. Not having to spend their lives under tension spending more time watching their backs than doing their jobs. Wardens will be given the powers to greatly extend any existing sentence that any inmate caught handling or assisting the procurement of illegal goods inside or into prisons – substantially – not extra week. It will be shown that the easiest way in prison is to settle down do your time, undertake skills training where offered as it would be detrimental to do otherwise. The inmate will have been in front of a judge to of been given their sentence and the first penalty is the cancellation of any remission due- without the need to reappear before a judge. O Prison Warden will have suitable powers for that and additional if required. The Judicial system will be adjusted to being that every crime will be , no not taking a bar of chocolate,  liable to have a custodial sentence to reinforce some stability and respect in the country. Yes, some want any sentence of 6 months should not be issued – fine give them 12 months and no possible remission. Do the Crime and serve the time needs to be brought back to the fore and those liable can stop laughing – as they can and will be jailed with harsher sentences in future, especially if they think they are above the law and believe it is funny. We need respect and a growth of morals back in this country.

Same goes for Police. Would you do their jobs? No way! Now we can all shout them down – especially if we had a speeding or parking ticket, but really – They get insulted, are really disrespected by many (in all walks of life). Their hands are very tied and in fairness in doing their very jobs, they know and accept that they will be let down as there is little respect , sometimes from their seniors who are toeing the Govt line hoping for Knighthoods and advancement , but primarily from Govt and Judiciary who, backed by too many do gooders, they know that there will be no punishment except perhaps a small fine, as the judges already know, they have failed to pay the previous fines. They are grossly under staffed, under equipped. And for just one example where have all the Traffic Police gone?? We will support and bring back as well as probably re open many closed police stations, We, cannot run a National Police force – to who the Public, which they are supposed to serve, look up to, if they cannot see a Police Officer. Before long kids will think they could be Father Christmas as they will not know what a police man looks like.

A scourge of this country is drugs and the consequences. Unlike some I do not advocate the downgrade of any substances. I fact I promise that if we get to power, we will grossly expand our efforts against this element of crime. We will reinforce seizing assets (we can home the family in a council house) but we will take all assets. If they have big house and money in the bank – we can use this to convert it to flats etc for people – fight against homelessness! Even the smallest pusher if caught will be jailed and as part of prison expansion – we may have a lower security (behind wire of course) but dormitory style individual accommodation – not 10inch concrete walls.  It can on the basis of Outward bound or Boot Camp Training.

 Before the do gooder’s shout about human rights, – sod off, as they will be safe, secure, fed and watered with facilities and limited amenities, on top of which they will get citizenship, leadership training along with improvement in health via proper food and exercise. But they will be jailed, and their life style interrupted harshly so the y will no longer laugh at the authorities, who presently have less spine than an Amoeba.

 Then Knife crime. With facilities in place the restriction of liberty will also apply. If they have a knife and are not cutting Bales of Hay – then lock them up. I will research the development of some form of body x-ray equipment that can be worn by Police, and act like a metal detector to scan people, before the Police close the encounter, as well as alert them to knife presence. Things must change and we will not soften – indeed the opposite and we will be for the people.


Fire, Ambulance, Nurses, Doctors etc etc are all to often disrespected by many- often in drink but even out and all too often. Stoned, Spit at etc. They should have punishment- perhaps 6 weeks to hurt and realise they were wrong to insult. They, as in all areas, have been over reduced and will be re assessed.

Armed Forces.  We will not mention them much as ai could write essays on this subject alone.

 We need major expansion and re equipping of all areas of our Armed Forces. In my day we were near the end of the Cold War and we started reductions. Now we could not really run Fun Fairs and maintain them. We will expand and with another potential Cold War era, perhaps not the right words- but with both USA and now Russia saying they are withdrawing from the pacts that ended the Cold War – it is quite probable that the events or situation will change. So, we will expand. Something I wish also, is the renewal and rebuilding of the Engineers which basically gave excellent skills training, and used internally, to many men and women as skills when they came out. We need to ensure our, today’s current, dismal equipment state of readiness for Front Line Roles is vastly improved and all at a high preparedness. Does not happen today- just like most of Europe.

Of course, all the above must be paid for but we will recruit experienced and skilled personnel to operate in these financial fields – we have a Civil Service already, and we will work with them, constantly, when we are able. To produce a Budget, that will enable us to restructure as much as possible of the above – as quick as possible.

 It cannot happen overnight, but as far as I am concerned – the way of this new Party, currently called The Club UK, will be aptly renamed, by then, and will start as quickly as possible to organise these changes.

 Existing MPs who cannot live with it -can move on with no qualms by me, as if they cannot back things for the betterment of the British People - then we do not want or need them.

My ideas, whilst not the only ones, are required for the domestic side of this country. There is much more of course relating to Aged, Disabled, Medical, Transport, Agriculture, Fisheries, HMRC, Customs and Excise Border Force, Immigration, Air transport. Productivity, Business, Universal Credit, Community Schemes along with many other causes – warrant discussion. However, I will stop now and hope that those of you who read this will understand more directly what I want. I am sure that many of you will agree, some will not. This is still, fortunately, a free society, so do not mock me for my views or wish to sincerely improve the lot of the British Citizens.

We of course invite any backing for this task, any would be grateful for any, which of course will be registered, used and accounted for correctly as laid down by the Electoral Commission Requirements. Yes, I have read that Nigel Farage has obtained £1million backing  for a new party – but he moves in wealthy circles. Perhaps there are people who would rather back a Party that will not be designed around the wealthy – but cater and build around everybody in the UK.

Stay Healthy everyone!!